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440MW Combined Cycle Power Plant Modules - Gas and Steam turbines + HRSG
AE94.3A & AE RT20-33
ansaldo energia / nooter erickssen
Private Company
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Gas Turbine / Steam Turbine / Heat Recovery Steam Generation

The three core modules of a 440MW combined cycle power plant are all included in this sale.
All items are new and still in the original manufacturers packing Sale includes all parts and 2 years of spare parts. 


 Manufacturer : ANSALDO ENERGIA
 Model : AE 94.3A
Power : 291 MW 
 Single shaft, cold end drive, annular combustor, heavy duty 
 Gas Turbine components include: 
  - Electrical generator 
  - Static starter (SFC) 
  - Excitation system
 Gas Turbine specifications are: 
 - 15 stage compressor and 4 turbine stages 
 - Single shaft rotor with central tie rod 
 - 2 bearings / Axial discharge 
 - Generator driven at compressor side 
 - Hydraulic Clearance Optimization system 
 - Annular type combustion chamber lined with individual and replaceable ceramic tiles 
 - 24 hybrid burner for fuel gas and fuel oil 
 - Variable Inlet Guide Vanes 
 - All vanes and blades replaceable with rotor in place with Ansaldo Energia blade replacement system 

 Main fuel: Gas / Reserve Fuel: Diesel 


  Manufacturer : ANSALDO ENERGIA
  Model : AE RT20-33
  Power : 167 MW 

 - Three cylinder type steam turbine 
 - Turbine outer and inner casings of HP, IP and LP sections 
 - Reaction type blading 
 - Precision forged last stage blades 
 - HP, IP and LP rotor 
 - Integral expansion sleeve coupling 


 -Horizontal profile three-flow type ,
 - Drum-type, three pressures mode (HP, IP, LP) with natural circulation at steam generating circuit with intermediate reheating.
 - Discharge of wasted gas is through dedicated chimney.
 - Equipped with natural gas post-firing

 Documentation and detailed drawings available with Letter of Intent
284 engineering documents available including
- Process (H&MB, P&IDs, PFDs, Tie in List...)
- Mechanical (Datasheets, Drawings...)
- Piping (3D Model, stress, MTOs...)
- Civil (Foundation, Layout...)
- Instrumentation (Logic Digrams, Datasheets, IO List...)
- Electrical ( Motors and Loads, Schematic Diagrams, Datasheets...)

All components manufactured between 2011 and 2013
All items are in shipping crates or containers. The shipping packing total count is 1339, including items stored in crates, containers, box, cases, etc.
Total equipment weight : 5808 metric tons Total Gross weight : 6448 metric tons

Currently under preservation & maintenance plan by manufacturers
- Preservation details
 - Indoor storage
 - Closed environment
 - Covered Controlled environment
 - Open environment
 - Air conditioned
 - Air conditioned and nitrogen blanketing

Near port in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Can be prepared for shipping in 2 to 3 months

 All Buyers to submit a Letter Of Intent (LOI) with offer.

440MW Combined Cycle Power Plant Modules - Gas and Steam turbines + HRSG

Russian Federation
Price Per Unit
EUR $89,000,000.00
Quantity Available
Accepting Offers
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